• A Kingdom Fallen

    Artwork by Jeanine Henning

  • Flying Dragon
  • Watchers Keep Cover 1

    Artwork by Jeanine Henning

  • Keep Left Square

    Artwork by Victor H. Harmatiuk

  • Prophecy's Queen

    Artwork by Jeanine Henning

  • Dragon Rises Cover One

    Artwork by Jeanine Henning

  • Keep Left Round

    Artwork by Victor H. Harmatiuk

  • Dragon Rises Cover Two

    Artwork by Jeanine Henning

  • Keep Right Round

    Artwork by Victor H. Harmatiuk

Welcome to the home of The Triadine Saga.

Join the Children of the Prophecy as they pursue the fabled Triadine, a talisman of immense power and the only thing that will allow them to defeat the Dark Wizard and prevent the world from falling into darkness.

These are tales of Epic Fantasy, set in a land of magic, Elves, Dwarves, humans, wizards and dragons.

Peter and Alexandra, half-elf, half-human twins born of magic and blessed with talents they still don't understand, struggle to find who they are while also finding their place in the future of the world.

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